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Single Sitting Root Canal

A root canal treatment followed by a post and crown is the best way to save a decayed tooth. At Tooth Place , Root canal treatment is a new experience for people having suffered earlier. It is performed by Dr. Manish Ranade, who has taken additional three years advanced training post graduation programme in root canal treatments, restorative and cosmetic dentistry is an acclaimed researcher, writer and speaker in his field. He has to his credits hundreds of root canal treatments including those top CEO’s and Bollywood celebrities.

Highlights of Root canal treatments at The Tooth Place :

  • Single Visit treatment in 95% cases
  • Minimal operative and post operative pain
  • Minimal use of antibiotics

Use of advanced equipments including :

  • Rotary Instrumentation
  • Electronic Apex Locator
  • Injectable Gutta Percha for Obturation

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