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Full Mouth Rahabilitation

This section is pertaining to Full mouth reconstruction without the use of dental implants but includes representative cases with or without TMJ involvement.

Case 1 : Full Mouth Rehabilitation arising from TMJ involvement

42 year old patient came with a complaint of severe attrition, bruxism, pain in the TM joint and muscle soreness every morning.

A proper assessment showed TM Joint disorder with dental manifestations.

A facebow record was taken and an NTI –TSS appliance given for overnight use.The muscle pain disappeared in a day and deviation in centric necessitated a Full Mouth rehab to restore the Vertical dimension of the face.

Preop smile and intraoral records:

Patient’s casts mounted on a semiadjustible articulator

Temporisation Phase

Final result with anterior twelve teeth {6 maxillary and six mandibular teeth} treated with Emax laminates conservatively and twelve posterior teeth treated with PFM crowns restoring the VERTICAL DIMENSION of the face to normalcy and the smile back on the patients mouth.

Case 2 :

Full mouth reconstruction without TMJ component

Some patients need a full mouth reconstruction without TMJ involvement for esthetic purposes, and or due to multiple decays necessitating root canals and crowns .

The case was treated without the use of implants as per patient preference using endodontic and prosthodontic treatment principles ultimately resulting in a happy patient treated 7 years back in 2010.

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